Challenge Accepted: Make a Mix for Ada

Ada. My friend Ada – you may know her from her blog: Ada’s Blog, and yes, we know each other in real life. Now here’s the thing: we’re both friends, albeit the intensity of our friendship happened only very recently, but I am comfortable to say that she is my best friend. If she reciprocates the sentiment, I do not know yet, because we don’t really talk about that. But we are friends enough to ask each other for favors and odd little challenges.

Now as teens we’re both advocates of music – I mean who isn’t? Seriously. And as a fellow user of 8tracks – my profile if you’re interested – she has challenged me into making a mix that kind of explains how I would describe her, or how I see her as one of the many with an unrequited love affair or whatever. So here’s the catch: the songs have to be unknown to her and this is particularly difficult because she’s an even bigger Music-junkie than I am. SAD TO SAY, BUT THAT IS THE TRUTH. She can verify she doesn’t know of the songs existence, and will also be kind enough not to search for the song online until I have published a proper mix with the tunes in it.

To find out my challenge for my dear friend, Ada, you can go to her blog and ask her yourself – if she didn’t bother to post about it, and see you ’til next time, Reader.


Loving the cold nights,



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