Poop: Disappointment of the Day

First things first: WHY POOP?

Poop is quite obviously a seemingly friendlier word than “shit” and this is just going to be about one of those posts where I tell of the bad things that happen every now and then. Or with my luck – almost every single day.

And now for today’s poop:

As a Senior  in high school, I made a vow to never ever fail another subject again so I can have a considerably decent school year that I can be proud of. Rather than to remember my high school as a complete failure because in the past three years of my high school, I have always failed a subject, usually Math – my mortal enemy, and Chemistry – a formidable foe. I’m not really big on academics, okay? I think it’s just the atmosphere and how I first approached the subject that later dictated my destiny to fail the aforementioned subjects.

I did fairly well this year, with close calls and the occasional miraculous test results, but I finally broke my record with a lovely three points below passing grade in Calculus. Where I come from the passing grade is 75 out of 100. Do the math. There’s my grade!

I don’t blame my  teacher – he really did try to make us understand our discussion on Limits but the topic was extremely difficult and I really made an effort to comprehend but I guess it was not enough. *Cue sad violin music.

And to top it all off, the distribution of our grade sheets will happen ON MY BIRTHDAY.


So with this explanation in tow, and if there’s anyone out there reading this, you now know why I may or may not be able to post anything interesting in the next two weeks or so.

Cheers mate, Enya.


You have no idea how much guilt I feel right now knowing my parents plan to eliminate three items on my Book Wish List for my birthday, and I’m going to give them a disappointment on the annual celebration of my entry into this world. This is gonna sound a little self-serving but I think I can say this for now: May the Odds Be Ever in My Favor…



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